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The water sparkled like dancing diamonds as I drove over the bridge. I thought, “what an absolutely beautiful day!” I had a sense that this trip was leading to a needed makeover of my heart, thoughts, and words. MAKEOVER Boulevard is frequently included on my God journey. My mind slowed down and thought about how I had grown to appreciate the various destinations reached via MAKEOVER Boulevard. The road has at times been bumpy, full of potholes, and exhausting due to my longing for a less challenging adventure. Less challenging adventures would not have led me to the life-giving destinations of my heart.

I glanced once again over at the dancing diamonds and a gentle prompting came to me. “Speak life into others.” This prompting was repetitive and became stronger each time repeated in my mind and heart. An excitement began to stir in my heart coupled with regrets. I began to think of times when I hadn’t spoken words of life to others. These times in my journey needed to be revisited for a moment. The revisit was a reminder of how God continuously changes my heart so that I can choose beautiful scenic routes rather than crooked muddy roads. A heart changed by God craves more change. On this day I was craving change.

My next thoughts were, “How do I become  more skilled at speaking words of life into others, dear God? Please show me!” God directed my thoughts to my husband. Creative thoughts began to flow through my mind and heart as I contemplated how to give words of life to my Valentine.

I asked my wonderful husband, David, if I could share with you a recent result of this particular day-journey with our Creator. He was more than agreeable.

Last week I spent a whole day preparing a nice evening for the two of us. I kept my journal and pen with me throughout the day. I thought of my husband’s character, abilities, and personal journey with God.

Words traveled into my heart and mind at a fast and steady pace. Each word was written in my journal. The table was set with china and lit candles as soft music played. The red roses David had given me a couple of days ago were the perfect center piece. The finishing touches were my journal and two cards. David and I each have a LIFE PURPOSE STATEMENT. These statements are typed on nice laminated cards so we can stay focused on God’s purposes by keeping them visible. The cards placed in nice card holders stood side by side on the table.

During dinner we once again were reminded of how we complete one another. We reminisced down Memory Lane, looked at the Highway of Hope as we discussed the future, and enjoyed parking in the present. I read the list of words God had given me that day. Each word described David perfectly. My Valentine and I spoke life-giving words to one another that evening over dinner. Words of life added another treasured stop on our Memory Lane.

I am most grateful to God who takes me on road-trips down MAKEOVER Boulevard and leads me to glorious destinations.

She brings him (husband) good, not harm, all the days of her life. She speaks with wisdom… Proverbs 31


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