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Closet Connections to My Heart

May I begin with a few questions? When you stand in your closet, what do you see? Better yet, what do you feel deep within your heart? Do you stand and see a wardrobe that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to face your day? Is your closet a place where you have peace of mind? Does your closet connect to who you are deep inside your heart?

Each year, I choose a word for the year. How about you? Do you have a word for the year? It is ok if you don't. I am just curious.

CONNECTION is my word for the 2021. Connect means to join, link, or fasten together. It also means to fasten together, unite, or bind. I am finding new and creative ways to stay connected with those I love most, reconnect with friends, and meet new friends. Connections to healthy relationships are a need for us all. I find that my relationships are more connected when my heart is connected. When my heart and mind are free of cluttered hassles, I have healthy connections.

A well organized closet with minimal pieces of clothing can make us feel beautiful, confident, and ready to face the day before us. Getting ready for the day is hassle-free. Our time spent in frustration, trying on many outfits, or looking for a piece of clothing is turned into time spent doing something more profitable. We have more time to pray, read the Bible, have coffee with a friend, or look at the flowers in your backyard.

When every item in your closet fits well, is in your best colors, and readies you for the day you have made a heart connection to your closet.

I am passionate about helping women make closet connections. I help them connect their closet to their best colors, personal style, daily living, and most of all - to their heart!


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