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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Gives a Message

Last week I expressed through a personal experience how The Generous Closet Gives to Others.  This week I’d like to share how a closet gives a message to our world of influence.

What is your message to your sphere of influence?  What are you compelled to do with the life entrusted to you?  The answers to these questions push us beyond general humanitarian good deeds.  The answers come from the core of our very being.  God designed each one of us to communicate and influence the world around us.

Our very presence communicates. Personal presentation communicates what we think of ourselves and others.  A woman who spends hours readying herself to be the cutest one at an event is probably more self-focused.  This may be a symptom of a deep need to fully embrace God’s love.  However, the woman who does not see value in taking a few moments to present her best self may have the same need.  Each extreme may be the result of not understanding their value to God. Embracing God’s love frees us to communicate our God-given message.

One of my passions is to inspire women everywhere to know their inner images well and connect it to their closets. Please allow me  to clarify this connection by giving a couple of examples using fictional names.

1. Jan is a thirty-eight year old woman who manages a bank. She leads, trains, and presents talks daily.  She is passionate about influencing young adults to consider the financial profession.  She desires to influence with her creative financial views. Jan believes her applied views will help many.  This passion has consumed much of Jan’s time.  Getting ready for work is a hassle because her stuffed closet is unorganized.  Confusion lives in her closet.  A black tee-shirt, black pants, and a pair of black thick soled shoes are what she wears most days.  Sometimes she applies a little mascara and clear lip gloss.  She doesn’t feel particularly great about her personal presentation and is unsure as to how to make wardrobe changes.

2. Lynn is a forty year old free-lance writer. Her specialty is to write about people and               their career paths. She loves to interview people and hear about their passions,                  failures, and successes. Her interviews have been turned into inspiring articles.                

Lynn influences by sharing other people’s experiences. Twenty seven items hang in her organized closet.  Every item suits her body type, her personal coloring, and lifestyle.  She wears her chocolate brown sheath dress, brown pumps, and gold accessories when interviewing a Corporate Engineer.  Smart looking khakis, an orange twin set, multi-colored beaded accessories, and brown ballet flats are perfect when meeting a pet store owner over coffee. Lynn has also learned how to  apply her professional looking make-up in five minutes!  She feels confident that her unique message is well presented.

We are all valuable to God and can learn from one another.  Jan is struggling to present her message.  She could use a few encouraging tips to connect her inner image to her personal presentation. Lynn has already received and implemented a few tips. Confidence in God who created her to write is well connected with her personal presentation.

How about you?  Would you like a few tips?  Here’s a few.  I hope these help or reinforce what you already know.   Always remember God is the Master Designer.  You are his beautiful creation.


  1. Discover and be sure of your God-given message

  2. Know how to dress your body type

  3. Know what colors look best on you

  4. Know your personal style which lasts forever

  5. Create a plan to make your message connect with your closet

  6. Buy what you need first – then add fun items within your budget

  7. Remember the words below from Colossians 3:12-13

…dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline… AND regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it. 


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