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My heart is challenged as I think of the possibilities God may have me encounter today. Am I prepared for … “such a time as this? How about you?  

As an Image Consultant, I coach people to present their God-given message.  Whether the occasion requires formal attire and knowledge of what to do with all those utensils placed beside their dinner plate or what to wear to an informal business pool party, my goal is to prepare my clients.  I coach people to present a comfortable and confident image. My goal with every client is to give them tools which will enable them to have the greatest influence.

Our society is greatly influenced by what is seen.  A first impression is formed by three basic parts.  Fifty five percent of a first impression is visual appearance.  This visual piece consists of what we are wearing and hygiene. Thirty eight percent of a first impression consists of our visual body language which includes posture, facial expressions, and eye contact.  Only seven percent of a first impression is formed by what we say.  These facts are unfair but true in our Western World.  We can’t underestimate the power of God in a humble heart who presents itself in a friendly and pleasant manner.  We can see the external as God’s communication tool wherever he may lead us on any given day.  Many say the external image is overrated.  True, however let’s be careful to not underestimate it to the point that we do not communicate God’s truths effectively to those around us. Our outer image is a presentation of our God-given message wherever we go.  

The Bible tells the most fascinating story about a young girl, Esther, who became a Queen.  This story makes my heart pound out of my chest every time I read it.  Esther allowed God to prepare her heart and her physical appearance for maximum impact.  She was compliant through the required beauty regimens.  She listened to wise counsel, fasted, and prayed.  When her powerful persuasion was needed, Esther rose to the occasion.  She put on her royal robes before entering into the presence of her husband, the King, to be God’s mouthpiece.  Esther’s preparation to be God’s mouthpiece saved her people from evil destruction!   She was prepared…  “for such a time as this”. 

Here’s some practical ideas.

  •  Dress your heart with God’s word

  •  Put on a pleasant face by praying about everything

  •  Wear clothes that make you feel confident for today’s events 

  •  Wear purple.  Purple represents royalty!

How about you?  Are you prepared for the possible impacts you can make today?

”for such a time as time as this”


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