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Part 1 of 4

Gives to Others

Several years ago, I stood in my closet wondering how does this happen?  My once organized wardrobe is overcrowded, stuffed, and in disarray.  How could I let this happen? Can you identify with me?  What’s in your closet?

I teach people how to have an organized wardrobe that suits their personal style, body type, and lifestyle.  There I stood ready to apply the information I teach to others.

The song designated for my phone’s ringtone began to play, “Thank you my Lord for today…”.  I suddenly began to thank God for the overstuffed closet as I answered my phone.  The call was from a friend with an idea for a Fall Festival our church was planning.  She suggested we offer a clothes giving booth at this event.  Was this a coincidence?   I look at it as God’s providence. 

My mind moved from thankful thoughts to heartfelt joy of giving to others. Skills for personal wardrobe organization were exhilarated into action.  I scheduled a few minutes each day for one week to purge my closet. The process of this purge led to several blessings. First and foremost, God once again reminded me of how he meets all needs. 

As I bagged items time was spent with God.  I thanked HIM and prayed for those who would wear the donated items.  I prayed for those women to be drawn to HIS mighty love, grace, and salvation.  My small closet actually has enough room to do a “HAPPY DANCE”! Perhaps I should say there’s room to do a “THANKSGIVING DANCE!

God gives each one of us opportunities to be blessed by blessing others. God turned a frustrating and complaining moment in my little closet into a blessing. I am thankful God continues work in and through our hearts during every day occurrences.

A generous closet starts in the heart of the owner.

Generous Closet Tips-

  1. Get rid of items beyond repair.

  2. Decide where your donated items will be given. Label boxes or bags with the names of people, places, or organizations you desire to receive the donated clothes.

  3. Set aside time to create a generous closet. You might plan a few minutes each day for a week or decide to take a whole day. Your goal is to start AND finish this project quickly.

  4. Enter your closet with a thankful and giving heart.

  5. Staying focused on being generous will help you give away items you do not need.

  6. Bag or box all items you haven’t worn in a year. (this excludes that special event dress/outfit)

  7. Deliver your boxes or bags to your designated places or people.

A GENEROUS CLOSET GIVES TO OTHERS.   Next week I will share how a Generous Closet Gives a Message.

Generous hands are blessed because they give… Proverbs 22:9 MSG

I would love to read your responses to these tips.  Please feel free to comment.


Nov 15, 2018

Hi Charlyn, I have read every word on your site! I'm so excited for you and everyone who connects with you. I loved the blog and can see so many changes I'm ready to make. You are a godly woman with many talents. I'm blessed to know you. 💗

Charlyn Thomasson
Charlyn Thomasson
Nov 02, 2021
Replying to

I know you wrote this when I shared this earlier. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. I have prayed for time to write more and God is opening doors!

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