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This past weekend I had an extremely fun and spontaneous chat with a couple of ladies. Each one of us admired the bling we noticed on one another .  One of these dear friends was wearing shinny silver frames which highlighted her twinkling brown eyes.  Sparkly beads which looked like diamonds were sewn into the neckline of her soft pink blouse.  Her taupe embellished shoes matched perfectly as the same diamond shaped sparkles surrounded her peeping toes . She matched head to toe and looked so cute! As presently fifty- something year old women, we jokingly wondered if we would ever get too old to wear the bling. How we wear the bling may evolve a bit in years to come. Awareness of this possibility does not change one specific fact about us. We will be the blingy old ladies one day. Perhaps I should write that we will be the blingy mature ladies one day!

What I enjoyed most was the last few comments of this conversation.  We talked about how beautiful heaven will be one day when God calls us home.  We know the bling in Heaven will not look like the trinkets we wear here on earth. However, God’s Word describes a place that shines beautiful and bright.

As I walked away I sensed a moment of hope and anticipation in each one of us.  I also thought, ONLY women can talk about bling, clothes, shoes, hair, age, and heaven all at once…AND in just a couple of minutes!   

A moment in time was shared with these good women who are worth more than the bling or diamonds found on this earth. Proverbs says, A good woman is hard to find, and her worth far more than diamonds.

Our world thinks of diamonds as being very valuable.  We might ask WHY?  Why are diamonds so valuable?  Anything extremely rare is considered precious.  Diamonds take many years to form and only a few survive the hazardous journey from depths of the earth.  Only a few actually reach the earth’s surface. Only fifty percent of the diamonds mined today are judged to be of gem quality.  A diamond most likely has been in four continents and involved the lives of hundreds of people before it reaches a woman’s hand.  Many skilled and experienced craftsmen are part of a complicated process of extracting and finishing a diamond.

God says a good woman is valuable.  We might ask, why? Why is a good woman valuable?  As a good woman you are rare, one of a kind, and considered precious to God.  He created beautiful you!  Good women take time to form.  Their journey may seem hazardous in their own eyes and to others watching.  They may feel like they are buried and can’t climb up to the surface.  Good women stay the course because they know God has designed them to shine brightly for his glory.  Even though they may feel like a diamond in the rough… they allow God’s process to do its work.  Good women allow God to complete his processes in their lives. They stay close to God, seek wisdom of the experienced, and finish well.

Good women shine brightly from the inside out.


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