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The small six year old girl stood wide-eyed with excitement.  She did not know exactly how to respond to the flutter in her stomach nor the prompting in her heart.  She had an amazement of the anticipation as she listened to the minister talk about Jesus. She looked up into her mother’s tearful eyes.  The mother’s eyes expressed a deep care and love that was different from what the girl had sensed before this moment.  They looked at each other knowing God was about to reach another heart.  He was about to claim and name another child.  The church service ended and the mother and daughter walked out hand-in-hand. 

There was no need for words at this moment.  The mother seemed to be in a thoughtful and somewhat prayerful state.  The daughter sensing her mother’s deep thoughts, the best she could for a six year old, decided there was something very different about this cold rainy evening. The child refrained from speaking with all her might as she knew this was not a time to be her usual chatty self. This was a great restraint for this talkative and smiley child.  There was a special hush to this night and the little girl knew before she went to bed she would be different.  Her mother knew this too.

When they arrived home they began their usual routine to prepare for bed.  The mother went into their chilly family room with a snack of crackers and hot tea.  She settled down to watch the evening news.  She knew the day was not over.  God still had one more event to complete that night.  She waited half listening to the news and wondering how God was going to finish this day for her.  The daughter slowly walked in and sat beside her mother.  They knew this was it!  This was the moment the mother had longed for from the day her daughter was laid in her arms as a tiny and delicate bundle.  The little girl said, “Mom, I want Jesus.  I have been going to church such a long time, I want Jesus.”  The mother smiled and then chuckled a bit as she put her arm around her child. Then she and the daughter talked about what Jesus had done on the cross and His resurrection.  The mother made sure her little girl understood the significance of asking for forgiveness of sin and making Jesus her forever friend.  Taking her small girl by the hand the mother knelt on her knees with her bowing child.  The mother led her small daughter in a prayer and that night it was sealed.  The little girl asked Jesus to be her forever friend.  The minute they said “AMEN”, the room was filled with excited jumping and giggling from the small child.  Her eyes twinkled like stars and she twirled like she was in a ballroom. She knew she had crossed over into a changed life.  She asked God to help her to grow up and pray with people just like her mother had done with her in that chilly family room.

The mother and daughter knew this moment was so much vaster than the two of them. The little girl’s changed life came from the influence of volunteers in her church.  For you see, it was loving and compassionate nursery workers who had changed her diapers and sang to her in the nursery.  This was where she learned God is love and gives us security. She asked God to keep her in a church of volunteers where babies and young parents are loved and made to feel secure.

Then there was a quiet elderly gentleman whose eyes twinkled like Santa when he smiled.  He stood at the door every Sunday and handed out programs. She loved his kind smile and funny jokes.  This was where she learned God is kind and gives us joy.  She prayed and asked God to keep her in a church where volunteers are kind and know real joy.

She loved her teachers in the children’s ministry.  They seem to know how to make her feel special and important.  One man was able to teach the lesson in a creative story form so she could understand the Bible.  Through him she learned she was valuable to God and the Bible is God’s relevant and powerful word. She asked God to keep her in a church where volunteers teach the Bible in a way that changes lives.

Thanks to volunteers, the small girl found a vital relationship with Christ.  On that cold winter night, her heart was warmed by the Holy Spirit and her name was written in The Book of Life.

This girl’s life continued to be touched, mentored, shaped, and molded for Christ through church volunteers.  Volunteers in her church took the drama of being a girl seriously.  They listened and challenged her move on to greater thoughts.  Volunteers looked for God given talents and gifts in this young girl.  They challenged her serve others, to love others, to stay involved with God and His church. She observed imperfect, loving, and growing volunteers working together as they invested in what would last forever–people and God’s Word. All along the way she asked God to keep her involved with volunteers who so passionately care to make a difference in the lives of others.

For you see, it was her heart’s desire to hang with “The Greats”, “The Super Heroes”,  “The Real Difference-Makers” in this world.

God answered this girl’s prayer with a firm “YES”.  She ended up being a part of a group of volunteers with a big vision for their community.  I don’t think this group of people recognizes the impact they have on the transformed lives in their sphere of influence.  The goal of each individual in this group is to serve and to bring glory to God, like Jesus did when he washed dirty feet.  This group of volunteers loves people and each one is faithful to minister by using the gifts God has given them.

I know this story is true, because this is my story.  I am that little girl who grew up and now has the honor of serving with a group of loving volunteers in my local church.

My Mom is in heaven.  Her earthly influence has eternal dividends   She invested her time and energies in eternal investments. She led me to love God, his mission through the local church, and his Word. She gave me the foundation to discover and live out God’s purposes for my life.  It’s my desire to follow in her footsteps.

Moms, our daily love and serving is a high and holy calling. We are fulfilling our unique purpose as moms.  No one else can love and influence your family as you do. My children are grown men who are a great blessing to me.  I no longer have the responsibilities of being a mom to young children or teenagers. I am fulfilled in knowing that I have the privilege to encourage and love my sons. At this season of life I also have the privilege to love a Daughter-In-Law (who is and awesome mom) and Granddaughter. God has given me more people to love!  Our influence as moms is vast. Ladies, we are precious in God’s sight!


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